Anna’ Song

by Jeronimo Galecki

Genre: Pop


My life has changed ever since I met you,
My soul was lost, did not know where to go to
My whole life I had tried many things,
Had waited for someone to pull on my strings

And now when least expected,
We both suddenly somehow connected
It was you who gave me power,
Oh, Anna, I fell in love, hour by hour

You know I’m there for you, you know I’ve tried,
And remember whenever you may go
That I will be forever by your side,
My feelings I will not hide

Anna, it’s time to end this song,
And this you probably knew all along,
That I love you, yes I love you,
And I know that you love me too

Everything is gonna be alright,
If I have you by my side
I cherish every moment together,
Yes I love you, forever and ever

Everything is gonna be alright,
If you stay right by my side,
You know how much I love you,
And I know that you love me too.

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