Apple Blossom Glory

by Margaret Macdonald and Elam Wills

Genre: Americana/Country


Here You are in Apple Blossom Glory.
Sit down and I’ll tell you a story about a man who worked on trees all day.
About a man who found a better way.
He said the earth is a living breathing being. She gives us the bounty of the apple tree. Uh huh, you’ve got to treat her well, Uh huh, and watch those blossoms swell. You can watch em grow, Take it nice and slow. Don’t ever go too fast. You’ve got to make em last.
Born in Cawston, 7 out of 8. Waiting at the out house wasn’t all that great, Uh huh, but it was all he knew. Uh huh, It was what people do. Began picking apples when he was ten. After school in a ladder til the sun went down, Uh huh. But it was all he knew. Uh huh, it was what people do.
And with these hands he worked the land to feed his family in perfect harmony.
He said blossoms are like moments in time. Kiss them as you wave em bye bye. Bye Bye. They go way too fast. Bye Bye. You’e got to make them last. Bye Bye You’ve got to make her last.

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