Apple Pie Moonshine

by Dave Tough, Rowland Folensbee, Jeff Knisley

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Apple Pie Moonshine

Drivin in my four door Ford through Carolina
Hope that Johnny Law don’t see, what’s inside her
Goin real slow, he don’t have to know
But if he turns sirens on, I’m tearing up this road
Nothin here to see, got nothing on me
Ain’t gonna find the shine underneath my seat
Aint doin nothing wrong, so just move along
I’m a bootlegging bandit, that’s my job

Takin Highway 1, got an order for the judge
Once his case is gone, I’m headed back home
5-0s right behind me, now he’s creepin up
Flashin’ those lights at the back of my truck

You know what he wants…

He wants that Apple Pie Moonshine
I brew it up real fine
Sell it to the senator, lives out on the state line
Wants it tonight, I said it’s gonna take time
Today it aint easy, but it’s worth waiting for
I know he’ll pay me double if I bring it to his door
He said take the money, multiply it times four

He wants that Apple Pie Moonshine

I put the pedal to the floor, turn up the radio
My body’s pushin back as I hear that engine roar
Making my escape faster than before
Headin through the backwoods, Exit 84
Sherriff’s still behind me, when I see that sign
An X in black and white, the crossings to the right
Cautions up ahead, but I’m flying through the red
Aint gonna catch me, I’d rather be dead

Got that sour mash, stashed up in the back
I didn’t break a bottle when I jumped those tracks
The train comes rollin through, he dont know what to do
Don’t think he’s ever seen how a country boy moves

Hahaha Uh huh


I’m the best in the business, can I get a witness?
I try to tell um all but don’t nobody listen
I’m all about the hooch, make it in my kitchen
And get it where it goes with the pistons in my engine
Ya know the law can watch me but no they can’t stop me
I know you think that I’m bein little cocky
I’ve done this forever, I’m better than the rest
And mine is best moonshine you’ll ever get


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