Aquarius Skies

by Zebuel Early

Genre: Rock


Aquarius Skies

In the morning time, when I rise
The sunshine feels so fine on my eyes
Because the night was so long
The days have been so short
And I’ve been feeling so wrong.
Sometimes you want to step outside and just fly
But with your feet on the ground, all you can do is look up and wave hi.
My Grandmother told me one time
She sat so still that she saw the Divine
Every color of the rainbow
With her eyes closed and an open soul
And while her body laid still
She took a trip outside and rose high
How must that feel?
Like the masters from the East
They need their bodies the least
They taught Jesus to free us.

I need salvation
From Aquarius a days vacation
And I breathe sensations
They say it’s good just to be alive.

I guess I’ll go now
Get my groove on
Grab some coffee and put my boots on
I got some work to do until next week
Maybe then I’ll gas up and drive to the sea.
I’ll dive straight down into the suds and salt
If I never come back it won’t be my fault
But even if it’s just for one day
I’ll will raise some cane and set the day ablaze.


This life: just an anomaly
First you’re here next you suffer then you’re set free.
Precious moments in this reality
Can’t waste them trying to design the key
To unlock all the secrets here
And we damn sure must be rid of fear
Express now who we really are
Keeping our sights on the stars
Way up high above Aquarius skies.


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