by Jennifer Spector and David Tieman

Genre: Pop


Seems a little silly in our state of affairs,
Still wear a smile on my face – stars in my eyes
Idealism is not a joke, I’d like to buy the world a Coke
It’s on me.

Insane – Champgne
I eat up life like it was Thanksgiving Dinner
Come on and keep the faith
It’s safe to come out of your shell

Is it any wonder that people think the idea of love is dead as Elvis
Six feet under.
We share the same birthday and I saw him leave the building you know

Go to the mountain hand in hand with Muhammed
Come clean about your hatchet and those cherry trees
We’re all Brothers and Sisters
Chained to this earth conditionally

So come for a visit, hang out with my friend Herb
We’ll talk – Peace in the Middle East, how we’re gonna eat less fast food
You can even eat the red ones, if you’re lucky they will melt in your hands

Have you read the papers lately, I heard there’s been good news
I seek it out like a missle, cut it out of the page – up on my refridgerator
Gold Star – 100%

Seems a little silly…

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