Arms of the Mountain

by Heather Werheimer

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Arms of the Mountain

1. My name is Thelma and I had a dream one day
I flew above the city and far across the plains
So I moved out to the mountains, bought a piece of the range
Me and my friend Maureen
In the arms of the mountain

2. Some people got to talking as our farm came alive
They never saw a woman who refused to be a bride
Where the sun shone down upon us, a shadow fell across the light
Stained our land
In the arms of the mountain

Chorus: I am a woman and I want to work the land
Just me and my girlfriend, to do it all by hand
In the arms of the mountain

3. Our farm ran out of money cause the bank just wouldn’t pay
We had to kill all our livestock, they wouldn’t starve that way
And when it all was over we lost the final round
Never gave an inch
In the arms of the mountain


Bridge: We closed all the doors
Turned on the key
Breathed in the exhaust
Hold my hand please

4. My name is Thelma and I put myself away
It’s all I could do with a price I couldn’t pay
Got no dreams left to squander, no words left to say
We are cradled in the arms of the mountain
In the arms of the mountain

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