As An Outlaw

by Trey Urech

Genre: Country


(Verse I)
I wanna go back to 1865
Sling a gun around, and drive a cattle drive
Ridin’ over country, and over state line
Sleepin’ under stars, and bravin’ tougher times
Fight the wind, and try to fight the sun
You know a cowboys work is hardly ever done
But then again, it was a tougher time
Maybe I’ll go back and live an outlaws life

I wanna go back and maybe rob some trains
Drink that whiskey, and run with Jesse James
Rob them banks, we’ll find that golden loot
We’ll stand out ground in our only pair of boots
We’ll fight the law, we’ll fight the government
My gravestone will say ‘to hell I went’
Life as an outlaw … on the open range

(Verse II)
Life every outlaw your time it soon runs down
Here come the Marshals, they’re ridin’ into town
It’s time to make your choice, you can split and run
Or you can stand your ground, with a hand on each of your guns
They’re gonna take you, dead or alive
But ten to one there’s a chance you might survive
They say Jesse was the quickest on the draw
Maybe with the grace of God we can kill ’em all

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse III)
There came the gun fight, they tried to gun us down
The local paper said no survivors found
Local sheriff said me and Jesse died
And thats the story they tell their kids at night
And the history books, it got the story wrong
Said me and Jesse never got along
If you take a look, out across the plains
You’ll see two riders, me and Jesse James

(alt Chorus)
I wanna go back and maybe rob some trains
Drink that whiskey, and put our names to fame
We’ll head to Lubbock, where we’ll rob a Santa Fe
We’ll pick it clean, then we’ll be on our way
Our days are done, no more James Younger gang
It’s time to live a ‘straight and narrow’ way
Life as an outlaw … on the closin’ range

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