Ashes and Smoke

by Capers Simmons

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


?Ashes And Smoke?
? 2014 Capers Simmons

Orange, red, and black, in that order,
Then everything turns white and gray.
The spectrum burns away,
The warmth turns into pain,
In that order.

You’re holding onto something on fire,
Watching it burn, going up in flames;
And you hold it ’til the thing you desired
Is ashes and smoke, and your hands are in pain,
Then it blows away.

Caught up in the clouds of enrapture ,
Then everything turns bluer than skies.
The brightness burns your eyes,
The righteous turn to lies
Soon after.


Try to hold it tighter and tighter,
But ashes are lighter
That what they had been.
Every breath you take leaves you less, now
You’re blowing the dust out
The palm of your hand.
Reaching as the wind blows,
Ashes in your fingers,
Every little thing goes away.


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