Bad Man

by Adam Murphy

Genre: Rock



He’s a bad man full of plans
And he’ll fulfill them anyway he can
And if he ruins you on his way
No sorry will you ever hear him say

He gathers up the weak to make him strong
Washing out the brains of the mindless throng
He’s got them in his net with a noose around their neck
So he doesn’t have to move – they keep each other in check

He’s a bad man in command
His advantage is not to give a damn
Who’s destroyed by his dirty deeds
In his cruel drive towards his evil needs

He’s loved and loathed, held dear and in fear
Strange kinds of friendships all his foes disappear
He can turn on the charm with a child-like smile
Make the trains run on time to the end of your line

He’s a bad man with an iron hand
He has no scruples, no moral qualms
He loves his people like their his toys
To be played with by a nasty little boy

He’s a ruiner of life and a merchant of strife
With endless contempt for you and I
A breaker of smiles and a spoiler of joys
They still think he’s great they’re such slaves to his ploys

Sure we all love a winner and he’s a happening guy
He’s been everywhere and down through all of time
Instead of getting on your knees and treating him like a christ
You should be praying that there’s a hell for him and his likes

‘Cause he’s a bad man

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