Bags of money democracy

by genio

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Bags of money democracy
Ask a politician about
right and wrong
and for sure
you get words of daylight
* but the smell of money moves invisible as
shadows in the night
in the # bags of money democracy #

a little lie here
a little lie there
secrets hush-ups
beat about the bush
* it’s more important issues at stake
than right and wrong
in the # bags of money democracy #

sly tongues
denials and excuses when
honesty is measured with
a pinch of salt
* how is it ever possible to trust anyone
when money and power are two of a kind
in the # bags of money democracy #

when greed and ignorance
group in the dark
fear smiles its
victorious smile
* and the fools are buying artificial status and
superficial power
in the # bags of money democracy #

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