Ballad of the Narrow Gauge

by Lucas W. Martin

Genre: Americana/Country


The Ballad of the Narrow Gauge

We built that track up on the hillside
On a long and winding path
A thousand swingin’ hammers
But one never made it back (made it back)

From the mountain comes the rockslide
From the river comes the flood
You can’t stop a locomotive
When the tracks are forged in blood (forged in blood)

Well you may be my brother
But you tried to steal my love
Don’t walk along the cliff’s edge
If you don’t want to feel a shove (feel a shove)

Oh I’ll just swing my hammer
Oh yes I’ll bide my time
I’m picking out your gravesite
In between these railroad ties (railroad ties)

Beside this mountain lies a railroad
Beside this railroad lies the falls
And this track seems just as narrow
As the mountain, she is tall
Will you be the rolling water?
Will you be the rugged crack?
Will you be the locomotive?
Or will you be the track?

You can hear the whistle blowing
With the setting of the sun
Hidin’ in all the commotion
Was the whisper of my gun (of my gun)

Now I’m rollin’ down that mountain
For Durango I am bound
But that night train skipped the tracks
At the spot I gunned him down (gunned him down)


She mourned for all the winter
For her lover and her mate
For she knew her indiscretion
Had caused their somber fate (oh somber fate)

Well the whistle’s long been broken
So she walks the tracks alone
When she hears the train a-comin’
You can hear her mournful moan (mournful moan)

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