Ballad of the Siren

by Bill Hamel

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


A song in my heart had been playing unheard
Since I first saw her crossing Atlantic and 3rd
I could not help but follow but more I was lured
By the sway of her hips, every move I adored

Through the towncenter and over the dune
Just ten steps behind her, I followed attuned
Under the moonlight as she wandered the beach
I watched from the shadows, just out of reach

Then she turned and she smiled, she knew I was there
and there was no one but us, and the gentle sea air
Then she stepped close, and stared into my eyes
and a soft soulful song from her lips did arise

It was the song in my heart, it could now be heard
and no fiber of my being was left unstirred
She fell into my arms and my lips found hers
and our passion consumed us, then my memory blurs

I awoke at sunrise, alone on the beach
naked but for two piles of clothes within reach
Where had she gone without any of her clothes?
Some say into the water, but nobody knows

I’d dressed and I’d searched and I’d inquired in vain
but it’s hard to inquire when you don’t have a name
Years passed, I’ve never forgotten that night
and every year on that day I visit the site

Here I am on the beach, another year gone
No clouds tonight and the water is calm
I sit here and think of the girl and the song
that long ago night, the attraction so strong

I wondered, was it all a just a dream, an invention?
Then a splash on the water caught my attention
Popped up from the water came the head and the shoulder
of the girl I had loved, looking not a day older

She saw me and smiled, and shifted aside
behind her I saw a small girl with eyes wide
“Your father,” I heard the mother softly say
then they both waved goodbye and turned slowly away

The last thing that I saw were flukes large and small
Sliding into the water with a smooth rise and fall
The shock finally ebbed, and I jumped into the sea
Hard after them I swam, but it was not to be

They were long gone when I crawled back to shore
only then did my true feelings come to the fore
I loved her all this time, without at all knowing
now I’ve a love as well for the girl I’ll miss growing

My body now aches, my heart most of all
So remember this tale of a tail, should you fall
A girl may not be what she seems, have a notion
Take care when loving a girl of the ocean

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