by Aljona Schnitzer

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


But it pains me so good, and it pains me so well
It is tender, and aching, and it soaks through my cells
My feet are not grounded, and my head is not set
Now I’m colour, I’m matter, I am salty and wet

I am anguish and rage, I am word, I am song
This is deep, and too heavy, it is broken and strong
But it cuts me so good, and it sharpens me well
It unveils all my secrets, it reveals all my tells

Knock me down to the basement, built me up from the dust
I’ll become sand and water, I’ll be dirt if I must
You can grind me to powder, you can turn me to clay
You can batter and mold me, it won’t scare me away

For it hurts me so sweet, and it aches me so well
It is raw and it’s spicy, and vicious as hell
And it rips through your skin, and it cuts through your shell
And I’m hard now, I’m free, I am beast – This is me

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