by Joseph Tonelli

Genre: Folk


You’ve been trying
For 37 years
And let me tell you my sister
We are more than just our fears
And your tears are beautiful
Don’t hold them in
If you do they’ll attack you
Attack you and they’ll win
Just keep on growing towards the light
Dance with your slender shadow
Just keep on doing what you love
It’s the only thing that matters
In this life
Lord In this Life
In this Light
Lord in this life

If the road that you travel
Leads to a darkened field
Just look a little closer
Sometime we have to kneel
Or lay down on the grass
You too are made of stars
I hope you know you’re beautiful
Take care of your dear heart
Because I could never be the one
I’ve so much work to do
All these dreams I’ve forgotten
That I weaved in my youth
of this Light
lord of this light
of this life
Lord of this life

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