Beautiful Again (Do Do Song)

by Gail Swanson

Genre: Pop


The Do Do Song (Beautiful Again)
Music and Lyrics by Gail Swanson ©2009

We’re dancing on a wire
Trying to keep our balance
Like an accident waiting to happen
Twenty feet in the air
One minute we’re on, the next minute we’re over
And just when you give in, I give up and I get scared.

So you call me up and talk me down from my ledge
Baby I’m hanging from my heartstrings
You pull me in yeah, you turn me around
And everything is beautiful again.

Baby I get so bored, but I want nothing more
Just help me keep this love thing from fading away
Into black and grey, cause that’s when I get blue
And I pack up all my colors and my heart
And I run away.


And every time I walk away, you turn my love around
Baby how did you know, I really didn’t want to go?


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