Beer Drinking Man’s Blues

by Michael Sudak

Genre: Rock


It all starts with a beer. You just pop off the top.
Course you want one more and you find that you can’t stop.
You light up a smoke, it ain’t no joke. You find your whole six is gone.
No sense in stopping now, just got a good buzz on.

You head out to the liquor store to get your self a treat.
One more six, make it two and a candy bar to eat.
You swallow up that sugary mess and wash it down with a beer.
If I only had a dime for every top I popped this year.

Sometimes you sip, sometimes you suck.
Sometimes you drink a bits till you can’t feel good in the morning.
When you can’t drag it out of bed, that should be some kind of a warning.

I jump from this joint to that and spend all my bread.
I’m looking for a woman to love but find a beer instead.
Bartender says he don’t serve no women and I don’t know what to do
This lack of satisfaction got me worked up in a stew.

On my way home, got the fender bent.
Lost my job, lost my car, can’t even pay my rent.
Wake up scared and lonely and cold can’t even find my shoes.
Wake up with nothing but a bad case of Beer Drinking Man’s Blue.

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