by Babe Gurr

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


When the final wager’s too much.
And the final prayer too long.
I will throw down my crutch.
And face what I’ve done wrong.

Chorus Over and over, we live our lives.
In a hot bed of trouble, trying to do what’s right.
Through truth and lies we navigate.
Give me one belief that won’t suffocate.

When you heard a voice, what did it say?
I don’t know but I needed to pray.
When you looked into the light, what did you see?
I can’t say but it was guiding me.


Bridge When will you take me there?
And leave my soul to bare.
I’ve made my penance to you.
I’ve lived my life in kind.
Sometimes with sin, you’ll find.
But still all in all, I’ve been true.
I’ve kept my doubt in check.

Even though I felt a wreak
Holding on, to what I thought I knew.
You throw a test or two.
Just to see if I will make it through.
Challenging me, to still believe in you.

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