by Nick Fuse

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Better Man
You can’t make whisky out of turpentine
You need strong spirits, you can borrow mine
Can’t see I love you then you must be blind
You’ll never find a better man

I ain’t no pervert but I ain’t no prude
Aiin’t got no problem with how you look nude
You’re all bust up but you ain’t come unglued
You need to find a better man

All of your girlfriend tell you I’m no good
If they ain’t had me, how they know?
Don’t want to hear about that Peckerwood
He says he loves you, it ain’t so

So tell your momma come and help you pack
Tell your old man he’s better watch his back
The things he took from you ain’t coming back
He should have been a better man

Banjo backwoods bit

All of your girlfriends, they can kiss my ass
Some of em have done, don’t you know?
That Peckerwood, I’m gonna kick his ass
All the way down to Mexico

So take my hand and I’ll take you away
We’ll dance all night and we’ll make love all day
And maybe oneday have a wee baby
Teach him to be a better man
You’ll never find a better man
I’m gonna be your better man

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