Beyond Words

by Rolf Schnyder and Michael 'Max' McGee

Genre: Country


Beyond Words

Verse 1
People are talking
It’s all over town
The rumor’s out
Yea it’s going around
They say I’m in love
Well it must be true
Cause I get this feeling
When I’m with you

That’s Beyond Words
Beyond poetry
Beyond description
What you do to me
That’s Beyond Words
Beyond belief
Beyond description
What you do to me
Is Beyond Words

Verse 2
Sometimes I can’t speak
All I can do is stare
You take my breath away
Just standing there
My tongue maybe tied
But it ain’t what it seems
If the words don’t come
All the silence means


Yea you take my love above and Beyond Words



Copyright Michael McGee and Rolf Schnyder 2005

Contact: Rolf and Monika Schnyder, Ch. Grand Zavuisse, 1971 Grimisuat, Switzerland
Phone: 027 455 26 32, from USA: 01141 27 455 26 32 –

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