Blind All Along

by Capers Simmons

Genre: Rock


“Blind All Along”
© 2014 Capers Simmons

I thought I’d made a place for everything and put everything in its place:
Plenty of time on your hands and mine, and a smile upon your face.
That was the way it was supposed to be, but somehow it was all erased.
And the world I’d drawn with the lights turned on was gone, and in the empty space:

There was nothing but the same things I’d always though were us.
They were not true, that was not you, and I don’t think it ever was.

When you stumble ’round ’til you just fall down alone, again;
When you grasp about but you can’t crawl out of the hole you’re in;
When you can’t be sure how of it was before things changed, or if they’ve changed at all;
That’s when you see you’ve been blind all along.

I really thought I’d made you very comfortable, but comfort wasn’t quite enough.
Plenty of ease to do just as you pleased, but you needed something more than love.
‘Cause I made light of your desperate plight; when you’d fight I’d only walk away.
When the battle was won, you were all alone, now you’re gone and in the empty space:


When you close your eyes just to try and find your hope again,
But the things you see make you want to scream so you open them,
But the scene won’t change and your screams won’t fade away: they echo on.
And that’s when you see you’ve been blind all along.

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