Blue Water to thread

by Tony Di Iorio

Genre: Folk



Verse 1 ———————-

It’s always a wonder – the little things to me
How what’s so wonderful – I fall to one knee

Looking on up to the greatest power
I’d climb to the top but I am so Coward

Yet somehow I’d be with you
I’d tear my world and then assume

That Nothing’s beyond the Universe
Unless my eyes are blinded by thirst

Chrous ————————

Then I see … Blue Water to thread
but in Me … It’s you instead

Verse 2 ———————–

It’s always a wonder – the little things to me
Mean almost everything – they set me free

The things in my head they spin to fast
But with you in mind they come to pass

But a moment with thoughts I realize
there’s nothingness beyond your lovely eyes

I ‘d tear my world apart just to be with you
The high seas of life are blocking my view

Chrous ————————–

Then I see ………Blue Water to thread
But in Me………….. It’s you instead

Ends with Music .……………………………

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