Bored Again

by David Coile

Genre: Folk


I’ve got something to do
But I don’t want to do it
Staring at this wall
Is much more intuitive
Staring at this wall is all and all
It’s all I ever know
When I’m forsaken
Bored again

I’ve got something to say
But I don’t want to say it
Talking to air
Is much more imperative
Talking to air, it’s everywhere
It’s everywhere I care
When I’m forsaken
Bored again

I know, I know
I should be hanging with my friends
It all depends on
Getting out of bed
And going crazy

I’ve got something to change
But I feel irresponsible
Nothing I do
Can delay the impossible
Nothing I do, I do, I do
I do it all for you
When I’m forsaken
Bored again

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