by Mike Hyden

Genre: Pop



The room seems smaller than before
I swear the walls are closing in
I can’t remember what I’m in here for
Or even how long it has been
I’m only just a pinball that they play
The cushions hurt sometimes but that’s okay

I heard it many years ago
I am rubber, you are glue
But what you are I don’t pretend to know
For me the rubber part is true
No nothing really gets to me today
No matter what you choose to throw my way

No it doesn’t do me good to cry for help
Not any good at all
The cries just echo back to me
And I guess that I can only blame myself
For putting up these walls
I locked the door, I tossed the key

And now it isn’t very clear
Just what the future has in store
For all the precious things I held so dear
Lie shattered, scattered on the floor
I really doubt that love will come again
But if it does, not sure I’ll let it in


Just Bounce

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