by Tish Meeks Tony Meeks

Genre: Pop


Never dared to think that
I’d find a love this good
Except for in my wildest dreams
Where I hoped I would
You were the shining knight
That I was wishing for
I really had it all
And I couldn’t ask for more

And that’s why…
It hit me like a ton of bricks, like a ton of bricks, like a ton of bricks
When you walked away
When you waked away, yeah

Coasting on your love boy
I thought I had it made
Believed we’d last forever
Never guessed I’d see the day
Floating on this fantasy
So high that I’m with you
I’m so shocked that it’s over
Still can’t admit it’s true


Saying our goodbyes
Is siphoning off my strength
I look into your eyes
And all I see is our future sink
This is not the way
Our love was supposed to go
What made you change your mind
I don’t suppose that I’ll ever know

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