by Nina Khosla, Tim Isaac

Genre: Folk


We seem far apart in the harshness of the morning
Waiting for darkness to clear
Stranger from a past life, you turn to face me
But you don’t even see that I’m here

You look astray, I feel abandoned
Like a boat in the bay without anchor
I drift away, slowly smaller
As I strain to catch your eye to say

We could make a bridge to meet in the middle

Floating lonely to my island in the sea
I’ll lay my hurting heart underneath the tree
I’ll stay by shade with the waves in-between
Shores we stand on that seem never meant to meet

We could make a bridge to meet in the middle

Ashes on my face from the fire that we started
The flames went up, the rain came down
We didn’t hear the sound of our crying hearts
Cause the waves were so big and loud

Our feelings have been spent
They’re lying limp on the fence
Leave them there to dry and get warm
Let the sunlight of the day make way for a rainbow
We’ll gaze in amazement and know there is hope

We can make a bridge to meet in the middle

Time to heal, time to mend
On the beam of the bridge we’ll be holding hands
As the day goes away, we’ll smile and sway
We’ll see further than we ever have

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