Broke Down Carousel

by R.X. Bertoldi

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Broke Down Carousel

Written by: R.X. Bertoldi


Well now the brass ring and the prizes
Have lost all of their appeal
And there is none of the excitement
That I once used to feel
And though it’s true I stole my tickets
And I even cut in line
But my heart won’t find its rhythm
To the tune of a dollar sign


‘Cause all the horses run on shaky legs
A silhouette lies where I fell
So won’t ya slow it on down, baby
Let (Help) me off o’ this BROKE DOWN CAROUSEL

That old circus never leaves this town
And it’s open night and day
And it’s taken me a lifetime baby
To learn to walk away
So give my best to those magicians
Who build and decorate the stage
Because the lonely clown is gonna leave his frown
With the lions in a cage


I’m gonna step right off although I may fall
I’m stepping off I’m gonna risk it all
‘Cause baby I’m takin’ a leap o’ faith
I’m answerin’ your call

I’m gonna move right past the platform
I’ll make a beeline for the gate
And all the vendors’ll try to stop me
But they’ll see it’s far too late
Because the trapeze and the tightrope
Have lost all of their appeal
I’m back on solid ground and it’s love I’ve found
That keeps my shoulder to the wheel


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