But I Love No One But You

by William Elvin Manzano

Genre: Singer-Songwriter



She came along one lonely night
When I had no one here to feed my need of love

She said hello, gazed at me, and smiled
So I took your picture from my head
And dropped it to my hand instead
Then put it in my pocket for a while

Then I took her home and we made love
And in that moment, I was free from you
Or at least, from your memory
As far as I can ever be
All that I wanted she had
And she gave it all to me:
Strength and security,
All that you were to me
Now she’s the one by my side

She spoke of love like you did before
And I swear she sounded like she’s true
She sang it in that tune I heard from you

She’s all I have while you’re far away
I hope that you would understand,
It’s cold here in this foreign land
Believe me that I love no one but you

…but I love no one but you

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