by David Barber

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Oh, California
You kiss me like a lover
But I just want to be friends.
Living by the heart can be so lonely.

Everybody’s trying to sell me something
While I’m trying to sell you on me.
I didn’t come here to be no prisoner
I came here to be free.

And now you’ve got me dancing
in some deco dive.
Loving your sunny skies
You make me feel so alive.

And I know your eyes aren’t always pretty
And I’m so glad I grew out of that.

Oh, California
You touch me like a lover
And say you want to be friends.
When it’s there from the start it’s so hard to stop.

I want to wrap myself around you
I want to drown in your breaking waves.
I want to burn in your summer sunshine
And kiss your melancholy days away.

And now you’ve got me drinking
in some deco dive.
Toasting your blue skies.
Well I’m loving your blue eyes.

Are we living off the pain of each other?
Trying not to cry ourselves to sleep.

Oh, California
It’s time to set each other free.

Oh, California
It’s time to set each other free.

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