Carl & Eliza

by Rachel Maloney

Genre: Folk


Carl and Eliza Mae met in the choir
He said hello, and they taked for awhile
She had a boyfriend and he had a girl
But destiny called and they answered its pull

“Eliza, Eliza
You have the most beautiful voice in the world, most beautiful voice in the world”

They danced through the moss with new moonlight above
to every class, hand in hand, eyes full of love
Then one December she brought him the news
Scared that he’d say, “We’re too young, it’s too soon”

“Eliza, Eliza
We’ll have the most beautiful child in the world, most beautiful child in the world”

Carl and Eliza Mae walked down the aisle (down the aisle at the end of July)
Dad gave her away with a bittersweet smile (gave her away and he kissed her goodbye)
But I remember that day in September their child never opened her eyes.

Carl and Eliza stayed in for awhile
They picked up the pieces, relearned how to smile
Took walks through mossy grass, moonlight above
Each day arm in arm with sad eyes full of love

“Eliza, Eliza
We have the most beautiful life in the world, most beautiful life in the world.”

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