Carry On

by Peri Smilow

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Music & lyrics by Peri Smilow
Copyright 2008 Peri Smilow. (BMI)

He turned to her and he said
Love I’ve nothing to leave you
Save for the memories you and I’ve gathered for years
Now I am weary and I have grown old
And my ears and my eyes they are failing
But weep not for me as I travel this path set before me
He said

Carry on
Sing for tomorrow
Carry on
Dance (live) for today
Carry on
Your spirit will carry you
Blessings will find you along the way
Carry on

My mother died young she said
So I’m not shocked about this
Just want to have enough time to get out on the town
I’ll travel the world and I’ll drink hard and maybe I’ll marry
And when it’s all over don’t cry for the life I’ve not lived
She said –


He said frankly there’s too much to do to take time off for healing
I’ve got to be sure that the work can go on when I’ve gone.
Promise me that you will travel the path that we’ve started
Leaving the world a touch better than when we arrived

He said


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