Caving In

by CTWitt

Genre: Rock


Under a darkened sky
I waste away tonight
just a hint of me
is all you’ll see
but underneath the guise
lies a great surprise
won’t you come and see
what it could be…
Could it be the end
tell me is this all in my head
tell me is it all a dream
so let’s not pretend
everything is fine and dandy
when it feels just like
feels just like the walls are caving in
Take a step away
before it is too late
for you cannot see
just what’s ailing me
It’s hanging overhead
this heavy cloud of dread
and I don’t understand
just what’s happening (if anything)
Repeat Chorus:
I don’t know if there’s a reason to believe
if the end’s inside of me
maybe I don’t want to see
Repeat Chorus:

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