by Carol Barbieri

Genre: Folk/Acoustic



I thought you were my enemy,
My rival, and my foe
I ?d protect myself (so I believed)
By striking the first blow
I knew I?d met my match this time
There was no use denyin?
So I drew myself a Battle Line
And the sparks just started flyin?
(Yeah, the sparks just started flyin?)

I thought I could get close to you
By holding you at bay
But, the only thing I seemed to do
Was push you far away
I had so many memories
Of lost wars in my heart
I guess they made me leery,
Scared, and always on my guard
(Yes, always on my guard)

But now there seems to be no need for
That Battle Line I?d drawn
And if there?s really strength in numbers
Two is surely stronger than One
If you meet me in the middle
There?ll be nowhere left to hide
If you meet me on that Middle Line
?Guess we?ll be on the same side
(Yes, we?ll be on the same side)

I?m ready to surrender
I am willing to retire
I?m able now to end the War
And declare a Ceasefire

If you try to see the best in me
I?ll find the best in you
And if you?ll be a Friend to me
I?ll be your Best Friend, too
And if we lay our weapons down
And take our fists out of our gloves
And tear and burn the Fortress down
There?ll be nothing left but Love
(We?ll have nothing but Our Love)

I?m ready now to call a Truce
And hang white ribbons from the barbed wire
I?m ready now to face the Truth
And declare a Ceasefire

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