Cecil Hotel

by Lynne Hanson

Genre: Americana/Country


Cecil Hotel
Lynne Hanson

Ain’t worked in months
Ain’t been home in twelve
Got myself a room
Down at the Cecil Hotel
Junkies whores and vagabonds
Infamous clientele
If walls could scream they would
The stories they’d tell

Before I go to sleep at night
Pray the devil don’t find me dead
Saint Christopher around my neck
Got a bible near my bed
Yeah I get down on my knees
Pray the devil don’t find me dead
I sleep with one eye open
And a shotgun by my head

Had land a wife and kids
Drought buried us in red
Every Sunday prayed for rain
Got clouds of dust instead
Banker tried to take my farm
In a rage I shot him dead
Gonna burn for what I done
Kissed my family and I fled


Each morning I make my way
Down to the Sally Ann
Join the food line try to find
Some kinda of work if I can
I live among the shadows
No beauty for the damned
I live my days alone
Life of a wanted man

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