by Scilla Siekmann / Nitanee Paris

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


(by Scilla Siekmann and Nitanee Paris)

At the grand reception with all my girls
Gold and diamonds out dancing with the pearls
I wore red high heels, he wore a cigarette
Stopped me in the middle of a pirouette
Black ties and sleek designs, my mind is going numb
I want a cool distraction, come and give me some

Champagne and sugar
I only want a sip
I’m feeling hot
You look refreshing
Wanna taste you on my lips
Champagne and sugar
Racing through my veins
How can I resist you?
When you’re driving me insane
Champagne and sugar

All my senses told me to run away
But my heart was in control so I had to stay
Past Rolex wearing grinning clowns
He picked me up and I put him down
I tried not to lose my mind, as we were spinning round
I got my satisfaction, moving to the DJ’s sounds

CHORUS (reapeat)

Pink lipstick on my champagne glass
You tasted so good it happened so fast
You were ready to lead, I was ready to be led
Your sweet sexy sugar went straight to my head
CHORUS (reapeat)

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