Chilly Allston

by C. 2008 Casey Desmond

Genre: Pop


I’m seeking shelter from the rain of chilly allston
I had a thought come to my brain and then I lost one
I caught the sun while he was hiding from the angels
And ripped my fingers through my hair to free the tangles
every angle
There’s more than bones that have been shattered on this asphalt
The speed picks up but then the wind invites a curtain call
The wheels were spinning always winning with the water
My bike and I know where to go and what we’re after
Every chapter

-anarchy on the freeway
no ones gunna tell you how to drive
no not this time
rubbing up on the speedway
no ones gunna stop you from melting tires

-Well your moments from the height it of
But only seconds from the fall
And if you had only tasted it
Then you wouldn’t want it all
But you look both ways and you’ve headed straight
So what makes you loose control

The lights are red, you’re only skimming to the center
You didn’t mean to tease the savage street tormentor
But now your bruises and your smiles no vacation
You took a dive because your life ain’t limitation
Last sensation

Rapidly moving, the speed is soothing
But you said you want maximum
Your skin was crawling, it was appauling
That you were entralled by the crash and numb

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