Chocolate Ice Cream

by Sharon Worth

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Chocolate Ice Cream
Copyright May 30th 2017

He recalled her magic as he strolled into Tom’s Bar,

Hibiscus in her hair, playing folk on that guitar.

Years have flown, Tears have fallen

The fairy tale now ends.

She’s got the children and old Blue….

He’s all alone again.

He’s scared to close his eyes.

His heart just aches with pain.

The slamming of a door,

He twists off his wedding ring.

Whiskey on his breath, a trigger within reach,

He’s scared to close his eyes

Heaven’s close at hand

He feels within his pocket, vibration of a phone

A pig-tailed imp says Daddy, Seven days until you come

“Can’t wait for chocolate ice cream, You promised yesterday”

He reached out of his heartbreak; he threw the gun away.


He cannot close his eyes.

He sees his daughter’s face.

He falls down on his knees,

Prays for courage and for strength.

The Sun begins to shine.

Warm beams fall on his face.

He cannot close his eyes.

Heaven’s got to wait.

Bridge: Chocolate Ice cream, Eyes that gleam.

“Daddy let’s go climb that tree.”

The view up here seems crystal clear.

Silenced echoes from the past.

Each day’s better than the last.


White haired in his rocking chair, as seasons floated by

Watching from the front porch, Azure blue and apple pie.

He thanks the Lord for pig-tailed girls

She looks just like her mom.

Remembering chocolate ice cream…

Ain’t it time for another one.

Chorus: It’s time to close his eyes,

Feel mercy and feel grace.

Winter now has come,

Lord it’s getting late.

Their fingers now entwined.

A paradise unseen.

He walks through heaven’s gate

Tasting chocolate ice cream.

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