by Jon McLurg

Genre: Singer-Songwriter



We’re all still here, and none have gone away
So the mystics say
May it not be long till we get a song
That will last for always
Ah, but while we’re gathered here
Won’t you kindly lend your ear

There’s a place down the street where my grandpa used to eat
As a young man
There’s a big shiny door and shiny speckled floor
By a taxi stand
I heard a song wafting through the door
I thought I’d heard that tune before


But these chords they all come ’round again
And they make the records spin
They’ll be coming ’round again
And that song’s been teasing them so long
And I guess they’ll never find the perfect way to end

When I was young I had a pair of shoes
My uncle used to use
And I wore them for awhile, they made the hipsters smile
Penny loafer style
I forgot them at the pool, haven’t seen them since high school
and I get some kind of walking blues
When I think of those penny shoes


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