by Derik Nelson

Genre: Pop


I woke up, I put on both my shoes
What’s one more night awake,
There’s always room for other sleep to lose

I’m thinking, there’s questions on my mind
How can I have everything,
But yet there’s still a life I’ve left behind

And it goes around, it goes around
Until the things you search to find become what’s found
And it goes on, it goes on
Until the moments that you live for
Are the moments that have long since come and gone

My father called to ask me how I am
I said “Dad, I’m just a kid,
and I know that I’m on my own out here, but damn”

A deep breath, and then the silence passed
He said “Son, this life moves way too fast,
So do the best you can and make it last”
Make it last


The stars look satisfied
Confidently holding up the sky
They make it seem so simple
They know where their place is, so why don’t I


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