City of Stone

by Eric Douglas

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


The barber shop is closed
The diner’s disappeared
The movie marquee
Hasn’t changed in a year
There’s silence on the street
A rumble of regret
Red light turns to green
Goes right back to red

City of stone, the memory’s frozen
We march in time but we walk alone
I dreamed we were still together
But I woke up in the city of stone
We were looking to the future
We were walking hand in hand
But sunset came too quickly
Cast a shadow on our plans
These are not the streets
The streets we used to know
I recognize the buildings
But this is not my home



We are wandering, we have lost our way
We are strangers though we know each other’s names
We look for clues, we trace our tracks
But there’s nothing left, just ancient artifacts


Where the memory’s gone, the promise is broken
Where the wind cuts to the bone
I dreamed we sailed to heaven
But I woke up in the city of stone

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