Clouds collide

by Paolo Fosso

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Look at the cherry-tree we used to climb
It’s grown old, never seemed the same
Took us countless sheaves of avid paper
to draw some future new horizon
How did we start blooming?

I’ve been in the place the old house was
Smell of saltwater down by the sea
You feel the great waves that join us two?
We both still hold on to the wild
pending on the brink of a kiss

Can’t pretend to change my mind
Can’t remind when I got blind
Can’t demand to just be fine
and don’t mind when we collide
Clouds roll by I seem to dive
in the night we clouds collide
Can’t remind when I got blind
till one day I saw the light

Back when the morning bell would keep me up
to go for a secret dawn safely untold
Next day your letter on my window sill
We leave a stainless space of dreaming
marking Time with a fragrance of Love

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