Cold War

by JoJo Worthington

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Cold War
(c) JoJo Worthington

The bomb went off this morning in the after light
It came in through the rooftop and down the pipelines
It snuck into the kitchen and hid behind the door
Then it punched me in the belly and three me on the floor

I can feel the pieces inside of me as they tickle the membranes of my rupturing spleen
One million tiny fragments have punctured cleanly through
Now the doctor has given up on me and I have given up too

This is a strange emotion that has kidnapped me
It has replaced by body with a song of nuclear disease
All I can remember, is looking up into a black sky
And wishing we could have both dropped like those meteorites

The tears begin to drip into my ears as I lay on the tile
I wish I had fought a good fight
But it won’t be long now as I hold onto the strings that I have left
Another lover hits the universe and the war starts again

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