by Stefanie Schultze

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Verse 1:
Why can’t I feel?
Why has life left me?
Am I already dead or am I just asleep?
Please wake me – wake me up
Verse 2:
Where has lust gone?
Why am I so cold?
Was last time’s lust too much? Did I destroy it all?
Please heal me – heal me up
Chorus 1:
You’re like a sunray through the
autumn wood
you’re like a leaf
that falls without a sound
you’re like a cipher I can read
you’re like a poem I can breathe
get inside of me
make me feel again
Verse 3:
Why is aggression
all that remained here?
Did evil catch my blood? Does it just sit and laugh?
Please cure me – cure me up
Chorus 2:
You’re like a tongue within a
speechless world
you’re like a day
reserved for silent dreams
you’re like a thought that I can see
you’re like an oath I can believe
trust my heart for me
make me real again
Repeat Verse 1 + Chorus 1

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