Come back to me

by Florent I.

Genre: Pop


I’ve been good, I’ve been nice,
I’ve behaved the way I’m supposed to.
I have done what is right,
tried to look happy without you.

but I think I’ve had enough,
I think this is too much to take.
None of this makes any sense.

I can’t keep this up,
It can’t just be right.
I want you back by my side

Come back to me. Don’t leave me here. No.
I need your skin to keep mine warm.

All those words in my heart
when I can’t talk to you.

And I’ve been crying so much
but what’s the use
If I can’t get over you?

Now I’ve had enough.
May I have my word in this?
Cause it feels so wrong to me.

Come back to me. Don’t leave me here. It’s cold.

I need you skin to keep mine warm.

I’m dying here. I trusted you.
Why are you so far away?

Come back…

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