Corn Invaders

by Andy Jaske

Genre: Pop


Corn Invaders
We come from Cornutopia, a planet in your sky
We think you’d find it charming there, a pleasure to the eye
But recently a wind storm there destroyed our food supply
You’re probably wondering why we’re here, we’d better tell you why
We want corn, we want corn, we were born to live off corn

We’ve watched you closely for some time, we know what you desire
We’ll give you oil, uranium, and weed that makes you higher
And in return we’ll take your corn and give it to our mommies
And you won’t have to sell it to no dirty stinkin’ commies
We want corn, we want corn, we were born to live off corn

We really hate to tell you this because we think you’re cute
We hope you don’t become upset and then decide to shoot
But talking to us ain’t worthwhile, the point is, frankly, moot
‘Cause mostly we have winter wheat twelve miles outside of Butte
You’re in Montana, it’s not Indiana, you’re in Montana, you missed Indiana

Please do not become disgusted, please do not become annoyed
We must have miscalculated, we meant to land near Des Moines for corn
We want corn, we were born to live off corn
From the valley of the jolly, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho, we were born to live off corn

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