Cowboy in My Heart

by Rick Wicker

Genre: Country


Cowboy in My Heart © Rick Wicker

Listen to the song of the lonely whipoorwill
callin’ for a lover in the night
There’s a mist around the moon and a mist in my eye
as I lay alone in the campfire light
Memories of her and me come and go
dancin’ through my mind like tumbleweeds
She understands my wants and needs
she loves me enough to let me be free
So I guess I’ll always be a cowboy in my heart

I dream about him and me as I lay in my satin sheets
with tears of lonliness on my pillow
My room is done in shades of blue by the light of the misty moon
casting shadows on our bed through the weeping willow
I know he loves the life he leads
ridin’ and ropin’ and bein’ free
So I pray each night to the good Lord above
Please keep him safe from any harm
until once again I’m in his arms
and let him always know of the love I have
for that cowboy in my heart

The nights are long when I’m gone
(when you’re gone)
I’m so alone without you

When the dawn arrives everything is still
there’s no more singin’ from the whipoorwill
so I saddle up my horse and get ready to ride

When I awake the first thing I do is reach out my hand to touch you
but all I find is your pillow by my side

Chasin’ dogies all day in the dust and sun
when the last ones in my work is done
So I turn my horse for home and ride like the wind

I’ll be waitin’ dressed in silk and lace
to see his rugged handsome face
With a kiss and a long embrace we’re together again

Happiness is lovin’ you
There’s no one else just we two
and the cowboy in my heart

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