Crimson and Gold

by Robert Lasher

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Dream on, got your head up in the clouds,
I don’t know what you want, more than what you got now.
Ease on, ease on down the road,
you’ll find it’s always you you’re takin with you when you go.
Pleasin you has gotten hard to do,
leaving, is the only thing that’s new.
Lately, it’s hard to buy a thrill,
Mostly I’m just sittin on a hill.

If I come back to you,
can we find something new?
If you think that I’m always blue,
tonight I’m crimson and go-ld, crimson and go-ld, crimson and gold.

Wish you, could see the way I feel.
My eyes, are getting heavy at the wheel.
Losing, is the only thing I know.
But crying, is just another wind that blows.
Crazy, that’s the way it has to be,
easy, is just a tepid cup of tea.
Each time we try to move along,
we’re movin, through another lyric of a song.

Help me get back to see,
the you that I had with me,
wish that I hope to be,
is only crimson and go–ld, crimson and go–ld,
crimson and gold, crimson and gold, crimson and gold.

repeat verse 1

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