by Andreas Jordan

Genre: Folk



Where the land ends starts the water
and I hope that you can swim
if you want to cross the border
take a deep breath – and jump in

She’s a good looking girl and she works behind the bar
she’s the dream of your sleepless nights, an evening star
throwing smiles to you, she’s a kind of dope
each move she makes is one step into the dance of your hope

With elegance she circles ’round your table, serves a drink
she lights your fire immediatly and you start to sink
You’re stranded like a whale, to much air to breathe
It’s up to you to start the game, if you want more of these

Everyday you meet a crossroad
then you must decide
but before you make your choice
you never know – if you’re wrong or right
if you’re wrong or right man
if you’re wrong or right

Twenty years you’re working for this paper factory
no holidays, a lot to do, what counts is save the be
Working weekends, days and nights at new years you’re alone
turn your wheel around my friend before this chance is gone

A two week nervous breakdown, a shear heart attack
searching for the sense of life with nothing on your back
Now you know what you need and miss every day
rebirth youself like phoenix and try another way

Everyday you meet a crossroad…

Where the land ends…

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