by Laura Tremblay

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


I won’t be the first to leave
I won’t be the first to go
You’re the air that I breathe
You’re my heart and my soul

Something inside me is holding me back
It just won’t let me go
I’m falling to pieces, can’t handle myself
I’m losing all control

I feel like I’m your cure
And baby you’re my disease
I am saving you
But you are killing me
How’d it get so bad
We lost who we used to be
I feel like I’m your cure
And baby you’re my disease

Ignored it right from the start
Thought for me you’d make a change
On my sleeve I wore my heart
Just wanted you to feel the same

I’m not convinced that it’s better for us
To leave this all behind
Then one of our fights makes me opens my eyes
And I realize I’m blind


We can pretend, that this thing ain’t toxic when it is
But that is no way to live
I need a way out, but I can’t find a way out


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