Days of Liquid Sunshine

by Louis Gentile

Genre: Pop


Days of Liquid Sunshine

Nothing ever stay the same
And if it did we would complain
Sometimes things change so fast
You wish the better things could last
Living in the past is wrong
Though sometimes you wish you could prolong
The best of times
Never forget that it’s possible

The immortality of youth
The beginning and the end of truth
Still you see it in my eyes
Shouldn’t be a big surprise …
That I yearn for the days of
Liquid Sunshine
Forever are the days of
Liquid Sunshine
Whatever you believe … there’s still time to reach
And there’s still time to find
Your day, where you can say …
This will stay with me forever
Yeah forever!
This day of Liquid Sunshine!

I cry a tear for what is lost
I cry another for what it cost
Perhaps there are a few regrets
Still we never should forget
Those says, when we bathed
In Liquid Sunshine
Those days we stayed
In Liquid Sunshine

The journey so far makes us who we are
Before you run out of time
Live out all your dreams
As if you can live forever
Yeah forever!
This day
Is Liquid Sunshine

Louis Gentile
July 2013

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