Daytime Stars

by Gene Mills

Genre: Americana/Country


2004 is a year I remember
2005 is one I don’t
I don’t think the year was rotten
I don’t think I’ve forgotten
I think I just wasn’t taking note

How many times have I drunk a cup of coffee
And failed to even taste it going down
How often has the thrush been singing
Far away, a church bell ringing
I never listened to the sound

Now I want to see stars in a daytime sky
I want to see crows in the darkest night
I want to feel each moment as the years slip by
I want to see stars in a daytime sky

The taste of morning coffee, so bitter and so sweet
I notice that the oak out back has grown
I feel your hand upon my arm
So familiar and so warm
A warmth that goes right through me to the bone

Chorus x 2

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